Good news! Entrepreneurship is for everyone. It knows no age or race. As long as you are willing to learn and are passionate about your business, then we can help you become an entrepreneur. But just to be clear, entrepreneurship is not for everybody. There are those among us who are really better off being employed. It is also a matter of personality. So, for those veterans who feel that they have the calling to be entrepreneurs, we can help you out with your business. Contact us at entrepreneur@vettransfer.com. We will assist you with the business plan and even help connect you with financing companies should you need financial assistance to open your own business. We also have a team assigned to monitoring the startup companies and you can discuss your concerns with them so that we know how to assist you further in their journey.


Are you looking for a job? Contact us at hiring@vettransfer.com. Through our aptitude tests, we will help you get started on your new career path. We have connections with different companies who regularly update us about their job openings and we can refer you directly to them. We work hand in hand with these companies in ensuring that our veterans are given career development opportunities. We also provide training and seminars so that our veterans can have the necessary skills for the jobs they are applying for.


Missing your military workout and routine? Do you feel the itch to be active again? We have personal trainers and coaches to help plan your workout routine. We also work closely with health professionals so that we will be sure that the activities lined up for you will be beneficial to your health and development. You can also join our tours, cruises, retreats, and other activities that would aid in your overall well-being.