It is important for older people to be active in physical activities. This is true especially for our veterans who have been so used to working all day long. Psychological theories support this idea saying that the aging population needs to be physically active so that they can continue to be productive citizens of society. Through physical activity, they are able to improve themselves and they can maintain the condition of their minds and bodies prior to retirement. Having a healthy body and mind will contribute to their overall well-being.

The US government, through the efforts of the Office of Disease Prevention and Health prevention, has implemented a program that aims to improve the health of our aging population. This program is called the Healthy People 2020. They want to increase the number of the older population who are involved in physical activities especially during their leisure time. They believe that through this, the health and overall quality of life of the older population will be enhanced. They will still feel that they are a valuable part of the community. They would realize that they have a purpose to fulfill in this world. Being involved and active in physical activities will help them improve their health and prevent the attack of chronic illnesses and injuries to their bodies. They will feel that they are in charge of their well-being. Research has shown that engaging in physical activities have lowered the risk of mental and physical diseases among this age bracket. Regular exercise is significantly correlated with the delay in the manifestation of symptoms of different diseases. This is why physical activity is very important among the older population.

As one community, we should be mindful to include the aging population in our activities especially when it comes to our fitness and wellness programs. We should help them become physically fit to be able to contribute to the overall wellness and healthy disposition in life.