It is important for older people to be active in physical activities. This is true especially for our veterans who have been so used to working all day long. Psychological theories support this idea saying that the aging population needs to be physically active so that they can continue to be productive citizens of society. Through physical activity, they are able to improve themselves and they can maintain the condition of their minds and bodies prior to retirement. Having a healthy body and mind will contribute to their overall well-being.

The US government, through the efforts of the Office of Disease Prevention and Health prevention, has implemented a program that aims to improve the health of our aging population. This program is called the Healthy People 2020. They want to increase the number of the older population who are involved in physical activities especially during their leisure time. They believe that through this, the health and overall quality of life of the older population will be enhanced. They will still feel that they are a valuable part of the community. They would realize that they have a purpose to fulfill in this world. Being involved and active in physical activities will help them improve their health and prevent the attack of chronic illnesses and injuries to their bodies. They will feel that they are in charge of their well-being. Research has shown that engaging in physical activities have lowered the risk of mental and physical diseases among this age bracket. Regular exercise is significantly correlated with the delay in the manifestation of symptoms of different diseases. This is why physical activity is very important among the older population.

As one community, we should be mindful to include the aging population in our activities especially when it comes to our fitness and wellness programs. We should help them become physically fit to be able to contribute to the overall wellness and healthy disposition in life.


It is important to address the needs of older people in the workforce.  They still have what it takes to be able to contribute to the success of a company. They have the wisdom, leadership, and experience that they can pass on to the younger workforce. Certainly, there is a lot that we can learn from them. We should also respect and admire their commitment and drive to still become productive citizens of our nation. For companies to help the aging workforce accomplish their responsibilities to the fullest, we should ensure that they work in a safe environment. Their needs should be addressed as prescribed in the United States labor law on Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967.

It is true that the aging workforce presents challenges and needs that have to be addressed by employers so that they can do their work efficiently and effectively.  So companies should ask themselves what they can do to address the needs of the aging workforce. What are the ergonomic and behavioral-based interventions that can be done to make their workplace safer and more supportive to their needs? The answer to this problem will present solutions that can help us in managing the aging workforce better.

One of the concerns of an aging workforce is their health. Some may be experiencing musculoskeletal problems. The good news is that there are ergonomic solutions to be able to help alleviate musculoskeletal disorders.  There are different techniques that can be done to help relieve stress from different parts of our body while working.  Behavior-based strategies include policies that promote a healthy work environment. There should be an ideal work-life balance. There should also be behavioral and lifestyle changes on the part of the employee. It is also important to take note of the relationship between work and lifestyle habits.  Everyone, the aging population included, needs to do their part to reduce the risk of sickness and disability.  It is not entirely the responsibility of the employers.  The employees also need to do their part. It takes a holistic approach to be able to manage the aging workforce.


Our veterans. They are our unsung heroes. They spent most of their lives protecting our country. They have sacrificed a lot – being away from their families, putting other people’s welfare above their own. And when they retire, it is time to repay what they have done for the nation.

What will we do after we retire? This is the question most veterans ask. They have been so used to working non-stop, not resting until they are assured that everyone is safe. Upon their retirement, some of them have no more families to go home to, some have fallen ill. It is only natural that they would be concerned about what the future holds for them. Faced with different options, there is something they all have in common. There  is that burning desire to still be productive citizens of our country. Some of them want to go back to the workforce, others want to start their own business, while others want to pursue their dreams before they entered the military. Here at Vet Transfer, we make sure we extend a helping hand to assist them in the fulfillment of their hearts’ desires – whether they want to work again or want to put up a business or want to study again, they have our full support as they open a new chapter in their life. We are committed to make their transition as smooth as possible.


Vet Transfer works with businesses, financial institutions, academe, health professionals, non-government organizations, and government agencies that share the same interest in helping our veterans achieve optimum development at this stage in their life. We organize and mobilize the veterans into community organizations so that they can also be each other’s support system. We then work closely with them to determine what direction they want to pursue and if they have the necessary skills and capabilities in order to do well in their chosen path. We conduct training and seminars that would be beneficial to them – entrepreneurship, health promotion, hobbies and crafts, among others. We also ask them about the topics they want to be discussed and we invite resource persons so that they can be enlightened about the subject matter.


Vet Transfer has played a crucial role in the implementation of ergonomic and behavioral-based interventions in workplaces where our veterans are employed. We want to be sure that they are working in safe and productive environment. We have also made it possible for many veterans to start their own businesses. They are happy being their own boss and still being able to earn money for a living. Our partner financial institutions have paved the way for them to have the capital and become entrepreneurs. We also have partner financial institutions who help our veterans manage their retirement benefits so that they will know how to invest their money wisely. Vet Transfer has also helped veterans in taking care of their health by encouraging them to go outside of their garage doors in Mesa and be involved in sports, fitness programs, and recreational activities.

Vet Transfer is the trusted partner of our veterans in ensuring a smooth transition as they change chapter in their lives.